The two photos below were taken in 1977  way before personal computers and editing software existed. Below are two photos, a tree and a freeway in Houston, Texas. They are time exposure photographs and were at night. This technique is now called painting with light.

The tree is an example of painting with light. Complete darkness in a field and no street lights. A spot light was used that had different colored screw on filters. The light was moved in a horizontal motion with a total of three colored lights. The photo took about 2 minutes

The freeway shot was taken in Houston Texas. You can't see the cars only the front head lights and back lights of the passing cars. The light poles  are the stars.


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We're located on beautiful River Road next to the Guadalupe River, surrounded by oak trees, hills, rock formations and green pastures , The Real Texas Hill Country. Shorts walks around the property will give you great shots being surrounded by the beautiful surroundings. 

New Braunfels Video And Photography may be the only photography service for miles around with such a great location and it's on private property. We also have permission to enter a few other properties down the road for photography work.

We also provide indoor studio photography that really opens up the door for artistic effects photography along with the regular portrait photography. Since we do photography and video we can provide a great combo package.

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