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Our Sport Video Photo service captures the action and skills of the athlete during a sporting event. High school students can benefit from our service by increasing their chances of receiving a athletic scholarship. College coaches and their scouts may not be able to come to your area, so we make you available to them by the power of digital multimedia. We'll create a DVD and also a link to online viewing plus the option to download the video. Our online feature really opens up the door for a bigger viewing audience.

How do we sell and package our service? 

1. Sport Photography as a single service starting at $250.00. This includes two hours of photographer time and 200 hundred digital photos (no prints). Each photo will be examined and retouched to provide a high quality photo. The photos will be uploaded to our photo website for you to download. One DVD will be provided and any additional DVD's will be $7.00. High quality photos will allow you to print popular sizes of 4x6,24x30 and 24x36. Photos will be color, black & white, panoramic and artistic effects. Having this done for you or someone else can be looked back for years to come, a unique gift of interest and quality. Completion time is one to two weeks.

2. Sport Video Photo service starts at $450 - $1,100

 $450 will include photography for the video and web page. A personal web page with information that you want recruiters to see at their convenience. Up to three hours of videography time for the game and personal interview with a few simple questions. The interview will give recruiters the opportunity to get acquainted with the athlete. Stats, achievements, awards can be added to the video. Video recordings will have the camera aimed on the athlete with close ups, wide angles, repeat with slow motion and highlighting the athlete with a brief marking for better identification in team sports. Video enhancements for better quality. Highlight scenes and edited interview included in the completed video with an estimated run time of 10 - 15 minutes. All edited and unedited material will be given to the customer. The customer must provide us with an external hard with 200 GB or more of free disk space. We will speak to the athlete days before the video to provide ideas and support. Completion time one to two weeks. We work to provide a professional and straight forward highlight with pertinent information.

3. More pricing and details about other Sport Photo Video service over $450 will be added soon. Contact us if you have any questions.

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